Unwinding at the Beach House

My family and I had a wonderful day out at Litchfield Beach Fish House the other day. We started with a beautiful road trip along gorgeous scenic highway before arriving just before lunch. Not quite hungry yet, we decided to actually explore the area and head down to the lake for a little while. We relaxed down there on the picnic tables and watched the fishermen out on the lake in their little boats. They really seem to be enjoying the fishing and one of them actually caught huge fish right in front of our eyes. Once the excitement of the fish catch was all over, we went for a walk along the shoreline to take in the sights. Surrounded by beautiful trees with the light breeze from the lake, it was absolute bliss.

After walking around half an hour, we started to get hungry after the morning and our trip, so headed back to Litchfield Beach Fish House to enjoy a delicious lunch. The kids were really thrilled to hang out on the play equipment while they are waiting for meal. Hubby and I just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves while watching the kids play.

Once order was ready, we headed back down towards the lake to one of the picnic tables to sit, unwind and enjoy our lunch. I absolutely loved the fish and chips that I ordered and hubby really enjoyed his fresh prawns and salad. We were really impressed that the kids were given special meals complete with crayons and colouring in based around a pirate theme. They felt very special.

We really enjoyed our short trip to Litchfield Beach Fish House. After lunch we decided to drive back home. It isn’t very often we actually go out on the weekend so this is really special outing for us. My husband and I discussed the fact that we actually need to do this more often instead of spending our weekends at home.