The Great Fish House Camp Out

Sometimes we like to arrange some cool stuff here. Obviously fishing is one of our passions and we are situated in a gorgeous piece of God’s land. So last weekend, we decided to hold a cool event. We it “The Fish House Camp Out and Fishing Weekend”. So we invited a ton of locals and tourist via social media to truck on it on the Saturday, so a spot of fishing in and around Pawley Islands, then catch up for some fishing tales, some camp cooking and a pick up truck camp out.

Early Saturday, about 50 families showed up ready to get into it at about 8am. Fishing rods in hand, they headed out for our fishing competition at 9am. The winner was the group who caught the most fish between 9am and 4pm. The winner was a lovely family from North Charleston. They decided to make a weekend of it, bringing their two boys along with them, and camping out in the back of their truck. In fact, we encouraged all the families to camp out either in the back of their truck with a swag, or camping around the shop.

truck camping

All in all, about 30 families decided to stay over. We put together a bonfire with room for everyone to sit around and talk fishing and camping. Everyone had a great time. The kids were offered marshmallows to enjoy on the fire after they found new friends to play with, the adults enjoyed meeting new people and other families from the local area and further away. All in all, everyone had a great night.

Families were encouraged to cook their own food, or they could purchase from the shop. The staff were even gracious enough to offer to cook up the happy campers catch of the day – something that was very much appreciated. Feedback from the community was fantastic and we considered the day to be an overwhelming success.