Our Baby’s Christening and then Delicious Seafood at Litchfield Beach Fish House

We firstly want to thank Litchfield Beach Fish House for catering our special day. We were so excited to have them involved in the christening of our first born.

The only joy that binds the affection of any couple is having kids. Well, new parents are always eager to see their child grow and of course everything has to go through a series of events. From the sleepless endless nights of pregnancy, to the overwhelming days of the newborn and at last the purity of a christening ceremony has to come in.

Our baby’s arrival means a lot for all of us. Most of all, to our parents who were so eager for a grandkid.

The godparents were also our best friends and this meant a lot to us for the welfare of our baby. We had organized for some brief morning tea and light snacks at the church, and we had a big gathering of friends and relatives to decorate the big day. The whole process seemed short and memorable, once our little man was immersed in water; it meant a new life of acceptance. I can’t stop thinking of the beautiful christening gown that we purchased from an Australian store http://www.christeninggownshq.com.au/, the well lit candles, religious background music and happy faces were enough to add deep meaning to this big day in our lives and that of baby Theo.

After the issuing of the certificate, we all decided to drive over to the nearby seafood takeaway Litchfield Beach Fish House.  Apart from the yummy sea food delicacies, the store had a surplus of olives, and pepper capers, potato croquettes, macaroni salads, rice balls. They were more than happy to cater to our guests needs and wants. We really wanted a relaxed setting close to our home and church, and the owners and staff of Litchfield Beach Fish House really looked after us and our guests. The kids were able to play in the playground and got the royal treatment from staff. Next time, we must take a shopping list because the seafood varieties come in all tastes leaving no chance to save a penny.

Thank you from the Phillips family.