Monkeying Around

Here at Litchfield Beach Fish House, we love kids. They have so much fun when they come here and we make sure the staff look after them and give them loads of attention and fun things to do. This helps the family have a good time as the adults are relaxed and the kids are happy. To help along with keeping the little people enjoying their visits to us, we have a great playground set up in the shop grounds for them to play on. There are swings and slides and a great little pirate cubby house for them to enjoy. The kids love it!


We have some cool sections around the shop just for kids too, with the pirate area proving to be a big hit. Kids often play games to see who gets to walk the plank and who is safe from the imaginary sharks. It keeps kids coming back time and time again with their parents and grand parents as they just love being looked after and treated like little adults.

When they are having a meal, they are always offered their meals first, then we give them some coloring in mats and crayons so they can have something to do while the adults are finishing off their food.

So, if you have a young family and you are looking for somewhere cool in South Carolina to bring them, look no further than Litchfield Beach Fish House.