Best Fish and Chips Ever

Here at Litchfield Beach Fish House, we prepare our fish and chips with love and dedication. Firstly, we meet the crew of the local fishing boats down at the harbour early in the morning, just as they are having their first sip of warm coffee after a long night out to sea. Greeted with big smiles from the crew, the captain helps us pick out the best of the day’s catch to take to the Litchfield Beach Fish House kitchen.

Once we get back from the docks, we start preparing the fish. Each one is scaled, de-boned, pin boned and filleted so that our customers can enjoy their fish without the worry of getting a bone.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, our staff are peeling and hand cutting our delicious, beer battered chips ready for the day’s action. This takes time, but the end results are worth it. Each potato is peeled, cleaned and hand cut to perfection. The batter is made up ready for cooking time.

Looking to make your own fish and chips at home? Check out this fish and chip recipe. If you can’t be bothered with all that hard work, then get down to LBFH for your plate full of superb, fresh fish and chips.