A Gem of a Discovery

When it comes to choosing the best places for special occasions, I am always the perfect planner. My hubby is a reserved type and will reluctantly give in when he has no choice, though in most cases, my plans fit into the place and he gives me some space for the planning.

This time round, we had just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and it was only fair to go out and feel sweet about life.  Finding a cozy place to stay can be a hassle without prior planning and searching. We therefore checked online for the best reservations, and also inquired from friends for a piece of advice.

It was such tedious process. I am used to doing this but this time it wasn’t working well. Eventually though, I found the perfect boutique hotel to stay at close to Pawleys Island.

We always had a taste for seafood and this time we needed something unique that would connect us more.  The seafood dishes we knew are sea bream fillets, lobsters, and shucked oysters. However, this was not enough as we were looking forward to a less indulging treat and this means we had to settle for something simple but unique.

When we stopped in at the local seafood takeaway Litchfield Beach Fish House, the menu drew our attention to the monkfish and hake. Those were the only local varieties around and we needed something more.

Well, making a choice in the seafood takeaway Litchfield Beach Fish House is quite hard especially if you have full appetite. But again, what should impede us to be part of the world’s special seafood meals? Our shopping list lost its relevance when our eyes caught the full attention of the fish chilli burgers, grilled fish and the local crays. Having packed the home-made mayonnaise tartare sauce, it was a clear sign of an exclusive dinner ahead.

There was also a great selection of prawns as well as pineapple fish ball mussels and not forgetting the huge hamburger, too big for the mouth to take in! What fascinated me even more was the 4 mile beach that would offer the prefect place for feasting. What’s more? It’s true you can make a real paradise on Earth. My hubby and I loved every bit of it. There was nothing to lose, and the décor within the restaurants was even more appealing. The ambience was a pleasant one too.

We then headed back to the boutique hotel we were staying at. It embodied the real essence of chic comfort. Simple elegance, committed staff service, coffee tables in form of a granite chunk, the spacious decks, glass doors with freestanding tubs that would give you a full mountain viewing. We also loved the air conditioning, and the natural landscape offering a beautiful view all around us. The bed in the room was luxuriously soft and adorned with 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

The hotel was more of a luxurious home with a memorable atmosphere that only our minds can sing about.  Window shutters are surely a real beauty. They had been careful placed on the windows for privacy and also added comfort. Having been fulfilled with yummy seafood delicacies, the best wine, enough entertainment and a warm comfortable night at the heart of this hotel, my hubby smiled genuinely and thanked me later for organizing such a wonderful surprise anniversary.