Unwinding at the Beach House

My family and I had a wonderful day out at Litchfield Beach Fish House the other day. We started with a beautiful road trip along gorgeous scenic highway before arriving just before lunch. Not quite hungry yet, we decided to actually explore the area and head down to the lake for a little while. We relaxed down there on the picnic tables and watched the fishermen out on the lake in their little boats. They really seem to be enjoying the fishing and one of them actually caught huge fish right in front of our eyes. Once the excitement of the fish catch was all over, we went for a walk along the shoreline to take in the sights. Surrounded by beautiful trees with the light breeze from the lake, it was absolute bliss.

After walking around half an hour, we started to get hungry after the morning and our trip, so headed back to Litchfield Beach Fish House to enjoy a delicious lunch. The kids were really thrilled to hang out on the play equipment while they are waiting for meal. Hubby and I just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves while watching the kids play.

Once order was ready, we headed back down towards the lake to one of the picnic tables to sit, unwind and enjoy our lunch. I absolutely loved the fish and chips that I ordered and hubby really enjoyed his fresh prawns and salad. We were really impressed that the kids were given special meals complete with crayons and colouring in based around a pirate theme. They felt very special.

We really enjoyed our short trip to Litchfield Beach Fish House. After lunch we decided to drive back home. It isn’t very often we actually go out on the weekend so this is really special outing for us. My husband and I discussed the fact that we actually need to do this more often instead of spending our weekends at home.

A Gem of a Discovery

When it comes to choosing the best places for special occasions, I am always the perfect planner. My hubby is a reserved type and will reluctantly give in when he has no choice, though in most cases, my plans fit into the place and he gives me some space for the planning.

This time round, we had just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and it was only fair to go out and feel sweet about life.  Finding a cozy place to stay can be a hassle without prior planning and searching. We therefore checked online for the best reservations, and also inquired from friends for a piece of advice.

It was such tedious process. I am used to doing this but this time it wasn’t working well. Eventually though, I found the perfect boutique hotel to stay at close to Pawleys Island.

We always had a taste for seafood and this time we needed something unique that would connect us more.  The seafood dishes we knew are sea bream fillets, lobsters, and shucked oysters. However, this was not enough as we were looking forward to a less indulging treat and this means we had to settle for something simple but unique.

When we stopped in at the local seafood takeaway Litchfield Beach Fish House, the menu drew our attention to the monkfish and hake. Those were the only local varieties around and we needed something more.

Well, making a choice in the seafood takeaway Litchfield Beach Fish House is quite hard especially if you have full appetite. But again, what should impede us to be part of the world’s special seafood meals? Our shopping list lost its relevance when our eyes caught the full attention of the fish chilli burgers, grilled fish and the local crays. Having packed the home-made mayonnaise tartare sauce, it was a clear sign of an exclusive dinner ahead.

There was also a great selection of prawns as well as pineapple fish ball mussels and not forgetting the huge hamburger, too big for the mouth to take in! What fascinated me even more was the 4 mile beach that would offer the prefect place for feasting. What’s more? It’s true you can make a real paradise on Earth. My hubby and I loved every bit of it. There was nothing to lose, and the décor within the restaurants was even more appealing. The ambience was a pleasant one too.

We then headed back to the boutique hotel we were staying at. It embodied the real essence of chic comfort. Simple elegance, committed staff service, coffee tables in form of a granite chunk, the spacious decks, glass doors with freestanding tubs that would give you a full mountain viewing. We also loved the air conditioning, and the natural landscape offering a beautiful view all around us. The bed in the room was luxuriously soft and adorned with 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

The hotel was more of a luxurious home with a memorable atmosphere that only our minds can sing about.  Window shutters are surely a real beauty. They had been careful placed on the windows for privacy and also added comfort. Having been fulfilled with yummy seafood delicacies, the best wine, enough entertainment and a warm comfortable night at the heart of this hotel, my hubby smiled genuinely and thanked me later for organizing such a wonderful surprise anniversary.

Monkeying Around

Here at Litchfield Beach Fish House, we love kids. They have so much fun when they come here and we make sure the staff look after them and give them loads of attention and fun things to do. This helps the family have a good time as the adults are relaxed and the kids are happy. To help along with keeping the little people enjoying their visits to us, we have a great playground set up in the shop grounds for them to play on. There are swings and slides and a great little pirate cubby house for them to enjoy. The kids love it!


We have some cool sections around the shop just for kids too, with the pirate area proving to be a big hit. Kids often play games to see who gets to walk the plank and who is safe from the imaginary sharks. It keeps kids coming back time and time again with their parents and grand parents as they just love being looked after and treated like little adults.

When they are having a meal, they are always offered their meals first, then we give them some coloring in mats and crayons so they can have something to do while the adults are finishing off their food.

So, if you have a young family and you are looking for somewhere cool in South Carolina to bring them, look no further than Litchfield Beach Fish House.

Our Baby’s Christening and then Delicious Seafood at Litchfield Beach Fish House

We firstly want to thank Litchfield Beach Fish House for catering our special day. We were so excited to have them involved in the christening of our first born.

The only joy that binds the affection of any couple is having kids. Well, new parents are always eager to see their child grow and of course everything has to go through a series of events. From the sleepless endless nights of pregnancy, to the overwhelming days of the newborn and at last the purity of a christening ceremony has to come in.

Our baby’s arrival means a lot for all of us. Most of all, to our parents who were so eager for a grandkid.

The godparents were also our best friends and this meant a lot to us for the welfare of our baby. We had organized for some brief morning tea and light snacks at the church, and we had a big gathering of friends and relatives to decorate the big day. The whole process seemed short and memorable, once our little man was immersed in water; it meant a new life of acceptance. I can’t stop thinking of the beautiful christening gown that we purchased from an Australian store http://www.christeninggownshq.com.au/, the well lit candles, religious background music and happy faces were enough to add deep meaning to this big day in our lives and that of baby Theo.

After the issuing of the certificate, we all decided to drive over to the nearby seafood takeaway Litchfield Beach Fish House.  Apart from the yummy sea food delicacies, the store had a surplus of olives, and pepper capers, potato croquettes, macaroni salads, rice balls. They were more than happy to cater to our guests needs and wants. We really wanted a relaxed setting close to our home and church, and the owners and staff of Litchfield Beach Fish House really looked after us and our guests. The kids were able to play in the playground and got the royal treatment from staff. Next time, we must take a shopping list because the seafood varieties come in all tastes leaving no chance to save a penny.

Thank you from the Phillips family.

Visit Pawleys Island

Man Sleeping

Are you wondering where to go and what to do on your work-free days besides hiding in bed under your bed sheets? Then think of getting your car ready for a fun-filled day on a wee town in South Carolina, the Pawleys Island. This charm on the East Coast is one of the oldest summer resorts, which is sure to give you the getaway you deserve. The Pawleys Island was a settling area for families owning rice plantations on nearby rivers due to the threat of malaria during summer. From May to November, they would remain in Pawleys Island to get away from this disease. Ever since then, its charm has grew and developed.

When you visit Pawleys Island, several attractions and activities await you. You can try to learn golf in Mele Sole Golf School, which offers lessons ranging from 2 hours to 3 days. The Litchfield Beach is a great peaceful getaway for the whole family, featuring the beach walks and sunbathing without the large crowds. Several amenities like the shuttle service, bike riding, restaurants like the Litchfield Beach Fish House, and many more! Another wonderful historic charm in the town is the Atalaya Castle, perfect for those wanting to have an educational tour.

These and other attractions and activities welcome more tourists and vacationers to Pawleys Islands. So stop slacking around and visit this fascinating place now.

The Great Fish House Camp Out

Sometimes we like to arrange some cool stuff here. Obviously fishing is one of our passions and we are situated in a gorgeous piece of God’s land. So last weekend, we decided to hold a cool event. We it “The Fish House Camp Out and Fishing Weekend”. So we invited a ton of locals and tourist via social media to truck on it on the Saturday, so a spot of fishing in and around Pawley Islands, then catch up for some fishing tales, some camp cooking and a pick up truck camp out.

Early Saturday, about 50 families showed up ready to get into it at about 8am. Fishing rods in hand, they headed out for our fishing competition at 9am. The winner was the group who caught the most fish between 9am and 4pm. The winner was a lovely family from North Charleston. They decided to make a weekend of it, bringing their two boys along with them, and camping out in the back of their truck. In fact, we encouraged all the families to camp out either in the back of their truck with a swag, or camping around the shop.

truck camping

All in all, about 30 families decided to stay over. We put together a bonfire with room for everyone to sit around and talk fishing and camping. Everyone had a great time. The kids were offered marshmallows to enjoy on the fire after they found new friends to play with, the adults enjoyed meeting new people and other families from the local area and further away. All in all, everyone had a great night.

Families were encouraged to cook their own food, or they could purchase from the shop. The staff were even gracious enough to offer to cook up the happy campers catch of the day – something that was very much appreciated. Feedback from the community was fantastic and we considered the day to be an overwhelming success.

Best Fish and Chips Ever

Here at Litchfield Beach Fish House, we prepare our fish and chips with love and dedication. Firstly, we meet the crew of the local fishing boats down at the harbour early in the morning, just as they are having their first sip of warm coffee after a long night out to sea. Greeted with big smiles from the crew, the captain helps us pick out the best of the day’s catch to take to the Litchfield Beach Fish House kitchen.

Once we get back from the docks, we start preparing the fish. Each one is scaled, de-boned, pin boned and filleted so that our customers can enjoy their fish without the worry of getting a bone.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, our staff are peeling and hand cutting our delicious, beer battered chips ready for the day’s action. This takes time, but the end results are worth it. Each potato is peeled, cleaned and hand cut to perfection. The batter is made up ready for cooking time.

Looking to make your own fish and chips at home? Check out this fish and chip recipe. If you can’t be bothered with all that hard work, then get down to LBFH for your plate full of superb, fresh fish and chips.